Let’s try this again.

I tried this once over at blogdrive, but I got very frustrated with the upgrade process.  Nothing like a clean slate.

Have I confessed yet that I am terrified of knitting socks?  They scare me.  I think it’s because there are too many options.  Do I start at the toe or not?  What kind of cast on?  How about the heel, how do I turn it?  Will they both be the same length?  Do I have to obsessively count rows so they both turn out the same?  Do they stay up?  (I HATE socks that bunch in your shoes.)  I did take a sock knitting class at my LYS and made a mini-sock.  No, I did not make a matching mini-sock.  I’m afraid to.  Yup, I’m a big wuss.  It’s not the tiny needles or yarn (I’ve done projects on size 1’s).  It’s not the porcupine wrestling (DPNs don’t scare me).  It’s the sock.  I do love my Smartwool socks, so I don’t need to knit myself socks.  On the other hand everyone in the bog world seems to be making them.  Even knitters I know who call themselves beginners knit nothing but socks (sweaters scare them).  Am I missing something?  Should I gather my courage and venture forth into the world of socks? 

After finishing two scarves, a vest and ten hats for the Dulaan Project, I’m working on a cowl/snood thingamijig.  In my mind it’s a neck warmer that can be pulled up over the head like a hat.  Who knows what it will look like when it’s off the needles. 

I’m hoping for another rainy Sunday.  I’ve got to get home tonight and rearrange/clean the living room so I can open the windows, listen to the rain and knit while watching a few Netflix.


~ by Kat on May 13, 2005.

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