Rainy Days and Mondays

Anyone else think that this is a bit over the top?  Can you imagine the pre-party stress level?  Will it be possible to relax and have a good time?  What kind of gift do you bring to that kind of party?

Very little knitting progress this weekend.  I blame the cleaning bug.  After working late on Friday night  I work up on Saturday morning and just HAD to rearrange the furniture.  Which leads to dust bunny hunting.  Which leads to cleaning the windows.   You get the picture.  Vacuming and rearranging furniture make the critter nervous.  She was a much happier pup on Sunday when we went out to Acton for the soccer game.  Lots of doggies and kids to hang out with on the sidelines.  When I left this morning, she was curled up in a tiny little ball on the couch recovering from her exhausting weekend.  Wish I could do the same.

When the cleaning bug allowed me to relax, I did take photos of some of the FO’s I have around the house.  There are a few more to add and others that I don’t have pictures of (but I’m related to the people who have them to so I can get them).  I did make a bit of progress on the neckwarmer/hat/cowl thingamijig.  I’ll take a photo when it begins to look like something.  Right now it’s a blue ribbed tube.  Not very exciting.  It’s a really dull knit too.  Great for the train but I need to get another project going so I don’t go out of my mind doing 3×3 rib.  Shall I finish the Jaeger jacket sleeves?  The turtleneck part of the alpaca turtleneck sweater?  The last few (but complicated) inches of the cotton cabled halter top?  It all depends on how much energy I have after soccer tonight.

NE Revolution 1 – DC United 0


~ by Kat on May 16, 2005.

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