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Are you a KIPper?  No, not the fish, but someone who knits in public.  I am.  I KIP all the time.  On the T, at bars and restaurants, at work, at soccer games, in the park, on planes, trains and automobiles (when I’m not driving), everywhere.  Saturday, June 11th, is International Knit in Public Day.  (Thanks to Colleen for the info.)  I don’t understand why people are hesitant to knit in public.  For the most part, knitting is a social and mobile hobby.  We need to take advantage of that.  Come on, don’t be shy, bring those projects out in the open.  Knitting:  it’s "Guaranteed to break the ice at parties." (can anyone name that TV show?)

For those who missed MDS$W, NHS&W, and the small but lovely St. Albans S&W Festival <sniff>, the MAS&W is coming up on Memorial Day weekend.  Road trip to Cummington anyone?  I’ve been staying away from the wool gatherings since I’m trying to de-stash, but may make an exception for Cummington.  I can’t go unless I finish something.  Too many UFOs hanging around the condo.  I’m also not making any promises until I see the weather forecast is for that weekend. 

Speaking of the stash, at the beginning of April (pre-blog) I went along with the blogging crowd and started documenting my stash in a spreadsheet and in photos.  I stopped after 2 bins and 1 giant canvas bag.  I was shocked by the amount of yarn I have.  Over 400 balls/skeins when I got depressed and stopped counting.  I’ve got two more bins and a few bags to go. Yikes!  Dulaan and some (really) early Christmas projects have helped to put a dent in it.  I’ll gt back to the documentation now that it’s not such an intimidating project.  There will be a stash photo album on the sidebar soon!  Hopefully that will give me more incentive to knit my way through it.

For my next project, I dug out the Jaeger jacket that is the most recent Circles KAL.  I’ll resume working on the sleeves at my Trustee meeting tonight.  I’ll post a picture later, the digital camera and PC are not speaking to each other at the moment.  (Don’t know why, I introduced them properly and everything.)


~ by Kat on May 16, 2005.

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  1. I’m going to Mass S&W, too. I’d offer to carpool, except we’ll already be out that way.

  2. Cummington, O Cummington. You should go. No matter how big your stash is. Nothing beats a S&W festival. Nothing.

    And best of luck in your blogging. šŸ˜‰

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