Rain, rain go away…

Come again another day.  Preferably one that does not fall on a weekend.

So, I rode my bicycle to work this morning.  I’m riding down Boyleston St. and there was a parked box truck in the right hand lane.  No traffic on the left, so I move over to pass the truck and move back to the right lane pedaling on my merry way.  Until a big, black, bad Lexus (BBBL) starts honking at me.  Huh?  Light traffic, plenty of room on the road, I’m in the right hand lane, they’re in the center lane, why are you honking?  They pass, flip me the bird, and try to cut me off.  Huh?  Whatever.  I continue on.   Next light, the BBBL is in the right lane, sees me coming and cuts farther to the right so I can’t pass.  (Now, I’m going to have fun.)  I go left, he pulls up so I can’t cut back to the right.  (More fun.)  No worries, I move up a few cars and scoot over to the right lane again.  A few blocks later he catches up.  I won’t repeat the names that he and his wife called me (BBBL drivers and their spouses have filthy mouths).  Apparently Boston roads are to be used ONLY by big, black, bad Lexii, no blue bicycles are allowed.  WTF!  I smiled, commented on the nice weather and pedaled off with a big smile and a wave, "Enjoy your day!".  That set them off on another red faced rant.  Road rage?  Over a blue bicycle?  Get a life dude.  Or cut down on your morning caffeine intake.

Yup, I am very comfortable riding my bike in city traffic.  This is not the first time I have been verbally assaulted while riding my bike in Boston.  I don’t think Boston drivers are bad, they’re just rude and don’t like sharing the road with bicycles.  They’re always yelling for me to get on the sidewalk.  Sorry Boston/Brookline drivers, that is illegal.

Knitting will resume tomorrow (although I did manage to sneak in a few rows at work.  Shhhh, don’t tell anybody.)


~ by Kat on May 20, 2005.

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