Where did I leave my ark?

NEWS FLASH!  Rumor has it the sun will be making a special guest appearance over the weekend. 

Hooray, a FO!  The blue thingamijig is now a blue hat.  I got tired of knitting a 3×3 ribbed tube so I cast off and made a hat.  One more Dulaan project complete.  With the long weekend and partially gloomy forecast, I should be able to knock out a few more projects while I watch my Netflix movies.  I really want to fill up the box before I send it off to Arizona in a few weeks.

During a dull conference call the other morning I cast on for a garter stitch scarf using silk yarn made from recycled sari’s.  I fell in love with the fall colors of the yarn and just had to splurge on a skein a few weeks back.  This will be a nice accessory scarf to match all the maroons, plums, and browns in my wardrobe.  Yep, I’m drawn to fall colors. And hot pink.  I’ll post photos as soon as my digital camera, cord and laptop are all in the same room at the same time.

On my way to work this morning, I stopped in at my local cafe for some hot chocolate.  While waiting in line to place my order, a fellow customer and I giggled over the gentleman who had fallen asleep at his table in the corner.  His laptop was open and on, some papers were on the table along with a hot beverage and he was slumped over fast asleep.  We agreed that he must have ordered decaf.  Priceless.

Young white guys who wear doo-rags with bluejeans and a Red Sox sweatshirt, look silly.  I really, really wish I had my camera this morning.

Hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Day Weekend! 


~ by Kat on May 26, 2005.

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