Red Sox or Red Socks?

4:15 (or so) and there is general grumbling around the office.  I’ve been caught up in a project all afternoon and haven’t checked the Sox score or the Spelling Bee results in a while.  One of the secretaries walks by, grumbling about the Sox losing.  Again.  Commiseration commences.  Why’d they pull Varitek last night?  Why isn’t Olerud starting?  Belhorn?  What the heck has happened to the pitching?  Imagine my glee when I finally check the web to see this.  Yay, the Sox won!  In dramatic fashion.  That bOrtiz_homerrightened my dreary afternoon. 

Speaking of socks, have I told you about my fear of knitting socks?  Yep, they scare me.  Can’t explain it.  Don’t know why.  Just one of those weird things.  I was thinking of joining Alison’s Sockapalooza 2, but I’d be too ashamed to send somebody my crappy first try at socks.  Best way to deal with fear is to confront it, right?  So my summer knitting goal is to knit myself a pair of socks (along with finishing Dulaan projects, a Kiri, an Irish Hiking scarf, a felted jacket for my nephew, and various other Christmas knitting projects).  Red socks.  Maybe with little blue "B’s" on them.  Socks AND intarsia?  That might be a bit much for a virgin sock knitter.  There, it’s out in public now. 

I’ll just have to break my yarn diet again. 



~ by Kat on June 2, 2005.

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  1. Only in Boston: I was at a meeting tonight where Ted Kennedy was a speaker. Before he launched into anything related to the meeting (commercial-district revitalization) he gives all of us the Sox highlights. They won!!!

  2. Yea Sox! I know what you mean about socks — I’m a bit freaked out by them too. I started one and need to rip it — they are small, but seem to be plenty complex. I have them in my “goal” list as well.

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