Awhole lotta stuff has been going on.  It was a busy weekend and it’s been a busy week (so far).  I haven’t sat down to knit since the soccer games on Saturday night.  Guess what I’m doing tonight?  I’m leaving work early at a normal time, taking Java for a nice ball chasing romp in the park, eating pizza, watching a DVD (Kingpin, Gangs of New York, or A Passage to India?), and knitting.  I’ve got Dulaan projects to finish before sending the box out on Saturday.  Then it’s time to start another commuter knitting project, probably the Irish Hiking Scarf.  There are a bunch of UFO’s hanging around my living room that aren’t mobile anymore.  I think that’s why they are UFO’s, I never sit still long enough in living room to work on them.

On the KIPping front, I ran walked/trotted the Chase Corporate Challenge last night, and while heading to the start I spotted a knitter on bag-babysitting duty.  Don’t forget, June 11th is International Knit in Public Day!  Hope everyone is planning on getting out there with their needles and yarn. 


~ by Kat on June 7, 2005.

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