Change of Plans

I did not leave work at a ‘normal’ hour, I left at 9.  That’s 12 hours of fun work.  Good times.  I HAVE to leave at the regular time tomorrow, I’m off to the salon to get all those gray hairs taken care of.  Early tomorrow evening I’ll look 5 years younger.  Yay!

I did not watch a DVD, I’m watching the Sox and waiting for the tape delayed US v. Panama game to air sitting on the couch and hoping that the thunderstorm lets up soon so I can take the critter out for her evening walk.  She hates thunderstorms, and is now cowerring in her crate.  Poor critter. 

I did not finish the Dulaan projects,  I’m knitting the Irish Hiking Scarf.  I’m using Filatura di Crosa Zara in a dark charcoal gray (#1468 if anyone cares).  This yarn is soooo soft and lovely, I can’t wait to get see how it is going to work up.  I purchased this at one of my LYSs a while ago.  As soon as I held a ball I knew that this was destined to become a Chistmas scarf for my father.  I love starting new projects!  Kind of like starting a new school year in the fall.  I loved the newness of it all, but by February I was ready for it to all be over.  Hmmmm, could that be why I have a hard time finishing?  I’m always taunted by the next new thing.

I did eat pizza.  Yum.


~ by Kat on June 8, 2005.

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  1. Those t-storms were crazy last night. Perhaps they’ve cut the humidity a wee bit.

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