How cool is that?

Ice Princess
Those pesky Cassadines are at it again.  When I left for work this morning it was 77 degrees with 68% humidity.  It is now 56 degrees with a very brisk breeze.  What the??  As I shivered on my walk to the T, I flashed back to HS, Tab, track practice and bad (in a good way) General Hospital episodes.  Anyone else old enough to remember the Ice Princess story line? 

That’s so romentic!
No knitting on the T ride home tonight because I ran into a former co-worker and one of the things we talked about was this article.  How cool is that?Romentics  I used to work work with Scott (I’ll keep which one a secret).  A year or so ago an article on Romentics appeared in the Boston Globe.  This past weekend one appears in the New York Times Sunday magazine.  Yay!  Their latest book, Hot Sauce, is being published by one of the big guys and will be available in Barnes & Noble.  Congratulations Scott!

Oh yeah, this is supposed to be a knitting blog.  I found out who my Sockapal-2-za partner is.  I can’t wait to get started on this project.  Being a new sock knitter, I’ll probably experiment swatch a few different patterns, techniques and yarns.  I want these to be good socks, not first socks. 

I did manage a repeat on the Irish Hiking Scarf on the T ride in this morning and will get in a few more before I crash tonight.  I’m loving the Zara yarn, Irishhiking but I think it might be a bit squishy for this particular pattern.  I’ll keep going for a few more repeats.  Blocking may help, but I’m thinking about adding a few cable sections and working this pattern in the round.  That would make the scarf warm and squishy.  I should have enough yarn since this will be a shorter man’s scarf.  Like my ‘design element’?  Yeah, I goofed on the second cable repeat but I like the wandering look instead of the twists.  Hmm, Irish Hiking Scarf or snakes being driven out of Ireland by St. Patrick?


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  1. Romentics. Tee hee!

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