I should have stayed up later.  I started on the short row heel last night.  Completion of the first half (decreases) coincided nicely with the ending of Casablanca.  Hmmm, decision time, do I stay up even later and finish the heel, or do I act like a responsible adult, turn in and complete the heel later.  I should have stayed up.  Heelhole See that?  See that heel hole?  Argh! 

The decreasing short rows moved along quickly and in no time I was at the turn for picking up the stitches and wraps.  That’s when I decided to be an adult and go to sleep.  Picking up the stitches and wraps isn’t going so well today.  The fact that I am a TIGHT knitter doesn’t help.  The fact that I miscounted and somehow ended up with four wraps (I think) around one stitch didn’t help. 

I have forged ahead, mistakes and all and my short row pick ups are getting much better.  I’m the type of knitter who needs to understand the construction of the mistake and the correction.  It will be helpful to have the visual reference around for future socks.

When I learned to knit in college, we had what we called the “Healy Flag”.  At the beginning of our freshman year there were two knitters on the hall.  At the end of the year there were ten.  At the beginning of the year the Flag was some Hot Pink acrylic and size 8 needles bought at Woolworths.  At the end of the year the Flag was about 30 feet long and had become a project itself.  Only the ugliest acrylic yarn could be part of the flag.  The Flag was where everyone learned to knit and purl and tried out new stitches and techniques.  It had popcorn balls, lacework, intarsia, decreases and increases (some intentional, some not), cables, short rows, buttonholes, you name it.  As my knitting progressed the Flag became a great reference.  You could see the construction of a stitch or technique on the Flag and then practice it without worrying about making a mistake on your project.  When I had mastered the stitch on the flag I went back to my project.  It kept frogging and tinking to a minimum. 

I need to start another flag.


~ by Kat on June 21, 2005.

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  1. Where is the flag now?

  2. Love the flag idea — I need one too!

  3. Last I heard the flag was somewhere in Bayonne, NJ. No, it wasn’t in a landfill.

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