That’s how I feel on Friday afternoons.  I can’t wait to get home tonight and work on finishing the sock.  Tonight’s the night.  Really.  I will finish the sock.  Provided I don’t fall asleep on the couch.  No promises about casting on for the next one.  I may save that for tomorrow when I am better rested.  I don’t have the patience to wrestle with the fiddly bits of the figure 8 cast on.  I’ll do it tomorrow as I hide from the heat and humidity on my couch.

Speaking of the weather, I’ve got a soccer game at noon tomorrow.  Noon!  In 90 degree temperatures and 90% humidity!  Count me among the mad dogs and Englishmen.  I won’t be happy about it, but I’ll be there.  Us soccer players are a hearty bunch, we play in all kinds of weather.  What’s a little rain or sleet or snow or heat?

So what’s next in the knitting queue? 
Other than socks, who knows?  I’m going to do at least one more practice pair (for my nephew so those will be quick) before I even think about casting on for the Sockapal2za.  I picked up two sock books yesterday at Windsor Button; Socks, socks, socks and Simple Socks – Plain and Fancy.  I am loving the Simple Socks book.  The explanation and diagrams of the various techniques are very helpful.  I will definitely be using this while I develop my own sock formula.

I’m going to frog the Irish Hiking Scarf.  Zara, as lovely as it is, just isn’t the right yarn for this project.  I also like my scarves to be reversible.  I’ve got a reversible cable pattern wandering around my brain that I’ve got to work out (where is that Healy Flag?)  Kiri, Orangina, and the Christmas scarf for my father are all eager to be started.  I’m also considering a Clapotis or two.  I’m usually late to the bandwagon, if I get on at all, but I think this would make a nice Christmas gift for my sister and sister-in-law. 

For my next project, I’m leaning towards Orangina (in a lovely, rich purple cotton from my stash).  It’s interesting enough to provide a nice diversion from the socks, yet simple enough for commuter knitting when the sock is at a fiddly bit stage.  (Note to self – sock short rows are NOT, repeat NOT, commuter knitting.  At least not for this commuter.)  Bonus factor is that it’s cotton.  I can’t imagine sitting in this heat with a pile of Kid Silk Haze in my lap.

We’ll see what the weekend brings.


~ by Kat on June 24, 2005.

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  1. I’m crazy right there with ya. Kick some soccer ass!

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