F*cking Technology

I am very cranky today.  I don’t know why, let’s just say it’s better not to cross me today as I am not my usual easy-going self.  I need to play some Grateful Dead mp3s, close my door and revert to a happy spinning hippy chick.  Either that or knit some contemplative stockinette in the round.

No knitting yesterday other than commuter sock knitting.  No, I am not knitting socks for my fellow commuters.  I was working on the top-down Cherry Tree Hill socks during my T commute.  Anybody used their Potluck Supersock pattern?  The divide for heel instructions say,  "Knit across the next 24 sts (heel sts). Transfer sts around so that these 30 knit sts are on the first needle and the rest of the sts are on the other two needles."  Huh?  I cast on 48 sts, I knit across 24 sts, where the fuck (remember, I’m feeling cranky today) are they getting 30 sts??  I’m going to send an e-mail to their pattern help e-mail address. 

I’m confused by the next part of the pattern too (turn heel section) but hopefully a perusal of Simple Socks will clear up that mystery for me.  I’m chalking my confusion up to being a sock knitting newbie.  Hey BSSC, can you cancel the soccer game tomorrow already?  Those fields have got to be soaking wet.  No way they are going to dry out by 11:oo tomorrow morning.  You’ve already cancelled volleyball, no call off those soccer games so I can go to sleep tonight and not worry about having to set an alarm so I can get up early, pick up a teammate, drive out to Sudbury only to find out that the game has been cancelled.  I want to sleep in and figure out these fucking socks.  Oh, and do some laundry too.

Hey, Colleen – I saw a fellow subway knitter on the T this morning!  She was working on a blue sweater.  I took a covert picture and everything but my camera doesn’t send the picture along with the e-mail.  It does send a cute little paper clip icon with the e-mail.  F’ing technology.  (More crankiness)

Apologies for the f-bombs.  Hopefully a pint or two of Guinness tonight with co-workers will be the antidote for my crankiness and improve my language.  I’m off to try and find my happy place.


~ by Kat on July 8, 2005.

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  1. Good! It’s been a while since I’ve seen another knitter on the T.

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