Much better

Ahhh, the crankiness is gone.  It only took a few pints, a few laughs, a good nights sleep and a soccer game.  I’ve got to work this afternoon but there are two soccer games tomorrow to keep the crankiness at bay.

Not much news on the knitting front.  Very little progress on the Cherry Tree Hill sock so I’m going to distract you.  Here are the finished Wildfoote socks.1stsocks   They need a Eucalan bath but I’ve been wearing them every night with the chilly weather we’ve been having.  They’re a little loose, but that makes them perfect for sleeping socks. 

Remember those patterns I wanted to swap/sell?  Kate and I swapped.  I sent off the books and IK issue and in return I got some stitch markers and some Classic Elite Flash.  Trade_1  The markers are lovely and I can’t wait to try out the Flash.  My camera couldn’t capture the vibrant color of this yarn.  Check out Kate’s blog the Chickami* that she made with it.  I haven’t had good experience with cotton yarn (hurts my hands) so I am looking forward to tying this out.  Thanks Kate, hope you enjoy the patterns!

And the ultimate diversion, Appetizer_1 here’s a photo from an Irish pub near my parent’s home in New Jersey.  They actually list a pint of Guinness as an appetizer on the menu!  Love that.  After all beer is good food.

*Speaking of Chickami, on my way to and from the soccer game today, I passed a sign for Camp Chickami.  Next time I have a game out that way I’ll snap a photo.  Better yet, I’ll make one and snap a photo of the cami and the sign!  Any other Boston area knitters want to make a Chickami?  We could all pose with the sign!

Hope your weekend is a good one!


~ by Kat on July 9, 2005.

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