Vacation Knitting

There are two types.  1.  Regular projects that you bring on vacation and 2.  projects that are inspired by the vacation.

My summer vacation is in a couple of weeks and will consist of the first type.  The vacation itself is not exotic (unless New Jersey counts as exotic), I’ll be volunteering at the PGA Championship.  No cell phones allowed on the grounds, I wonder if knitting needles will be?  If so, socks and Kiri will keep me busy.  I can’t bring any Christmas projects with me as I will be surrounded by family members. 

The next vacation is in the early planning stages (may not even happen) but consists of the second type of vacation knitting.  The trip, if it happens, will be a Christmas/New Year’s whirlwind tour of Vienna, Prague and Budapest.  We’re planning on doing all the inter-city traveling by train so there will be plenty of knitting time.  In addition to the travel research, I’m trying to research the knitting traditions in each country.  I’d love to bring (or buy) a project that is based on Austrian/Czech or Hungarian knitting traditions.  So far I’ve read about Austrian Twisted stitches (which apparently get a nice write up in Knitting the Old Way

Any other recommendations for my research?  Being half Hungarian, I’d really like to dig up some Hungarian knitting info, unfortunately it seems the Hungarians spent most of their fiber crafty time doing amazing embroidery.  Just to complicate matters, the town my great-grandparents are from is actually located in the Czech Republic.  A few years ago, my cousin and his family  managed to track down the long lost relatives and visited them in the Czech Republic.  We lost touch with them during WWII.  My cousin said it was freaky to walk into their living room and see the photograph of my great-grandparents 50th wedding anniversary (he was a babe in my Uncle’s arms at the time) on the wall.

When not researching Eastern European knitting traditions, work continues on the sock and Kiri.  There will be pictures if I ever remember to have my camera and knitting in the same place.


~ by Kat on July 12, 2005.

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