Socks are from Mars, Kiri is from Venus

The folks at  Cherry Tree Hill are awesome.  They responded quickly to my e-mail about the 24 v 30 stitches mystery and were nice enough to send me corrected version of the pattern.  Thanks JoAnne!!  I guessed right, 30 stitches was a typo.  So last night I divided my knitting time between the sock and Kiri. 

The sock behaved wonderfully.  He’s such a nice mellow sock.  Easy going, equally happy to either hit the road or hang out on the couch.  He’s handsome too.  The folks at Cherry Tree Hill sure do make some awesome sock yarn.

Kiri?  Well let’s just say that that girl has some at-it-tude.  She needs to be the center of attention, not in a drama queen kind of way.  No, stomping her foot and throwing a tantrum would be very unladylike and Miss Kiri, well, she is a lady.  She is subtle in her demands.  If you let your mind wander just a bit, or take a tiny break to pet the dog…WHAP!!  It is best to apologize profusely and count reassure each stitch on the needles that nothing personal was meant by your momentary diversion.  Please, Kiri, don’t take it personally.  As she grows her attitude is improving, but I can see that I am going to have to keep a close eye on this little lady.

More food for thought.  An interesting CNN article on blogging.  How much personal information do you share on the web?


~ by Kat on July 13, 2005.

4 Responses to “Socks are from Mars, Kiri is from Venus”

  1. How much personal information? No much. How easy is it to connect me to my blog? Easier than I thought. Google my first name. What’s, like, the tenth hit? Subway Knitter, that’s who.

  2. Don’t you find that kind of funny??? Duh…if you don’t want potentially *everyone* to read it, don’t post it for the world to see!

  3. I’m not for much personal information either — in person, absolutely, but not virtual. Good news for the sock!!

  4. Some personal info, but not tons. I write my blog assuming that my mom, my boss, and my boyfriend may all read it… keeps me from saying anything I shouldn’t. 😉

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