Fragmented brain – part deux

ShoeThe Kat, she love these work shoes.  These shoes, they are comfortable and stylish with the perfect kitten heel.  These shoes, they have a problem.   These shoes, they have the gas.  How do you stop footwear from farting?  (Pantyhose are not an option.)

Silly website of the week:  Hoff Lovers.   (Thanks to The Manolo for the link.)

Chickami My Sunday soccer games took me past the Camp Chickami sign.  I’ve got to knit one, but not until I finish the socks, Kiri, and the Christmas scarf.

Got my PGA Championship credentials in the mail today.  Knitting is not on the list of banned items.  How cool would it be if I got a picture of the sock with Tiger Woods?  Here in Boston there is a publication called the Improper Bostonian.  One of their regular features includes reader submitted photos of the magazine with famous people or at exotic locations.  I’ll bring an Improper and a sock with me to the practice rounds and see what photo-ops present themselves.Mail

The mailman has been very good to me this week.  On Monday I got this – the latest Harry Potter book and some Den-m-nit from Elann.  Yarn diet?  What yarn diet?

~ by Kat on July 20, 2005.

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  1. Maybe try a little baby powder inside the shoe/on your foot?

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