Soccer Saturday (and Sunday and Monday)

Soccersunday It’s been a soccer-filled three days.  Four games played (3-0-1) and 3 games watched (2-1). 

Here’s my usual post-soccer game position on the couch.  Turn on the fan, get a nice cold beverage, some knitting and some RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation).  I made great progress on the Christmas scarf Friday night and Sunday afternoon.  It is the perfect project for watching soccer on TV.

The Revolution lost on Friday night.  I’ve never seen them play worse.  We won our coed games on Saturday and Sunday (Championship game next week, Yay!).  Sunday afternoon found me on the couch with the ice packs and the X-mas scarf watching the US beat Panama on PKs in the Gold Cup final.  Univision carried the game, it was interesting to watch it in Spanish (I wish I knew more Spanish).  Unfortunately with the 0-0 score I didn’t get to hear the infamous, "gooooooaaaaal" until the PKs.  Keller was amazing in goal as usual and kept the US in the game with some fantastic saves.  After that I surfed over to the US v. Iceland friendly.  The US women won easily 3-0.  Monday I was back to playing again.  Had an outdoor game with my women’s team and an indoor game.  The indoor game was too much fun.  We tied 2-2, but wow!  The level of play was stratospheric.  Both teams came off the field dripping and exhausted.  It was such a blast to play at that level.  No cheap fouls or dirty play, just good, hard, clean physical soccer.  Yep, more RICE when I got home last night.

Whew, anyone else tired?  I did spend time with Miss Kiri on Saturday.P1010003  Here she is on size 6 needles.  The fabric was nice, I was getting good definition on the leaves, but it’s a bit dense for a shawl.  On 6’s Miss Kiri was suffering from stunted growth.  After the first two sections complete I only had about 8 inches of shawl.  I don’t P1010004 think the Interlacements would have blocked that much.  Here’s Miss Kiri after a cool, refreshing dip in the Frog Pond.  So off to my needle stash.  Now the heat must have addled my brain, because I thought I was working on a size 9 needle, and pulled out the 10 to restart Kiri.  Miss Kiri must like water because she took another trip to Frog Pond.  I was shocked, shocked I tell you to discover that I don’t own a single size 7 circular needle.  Of course, I realized this on Sunday evening after Circles had closed.  I will purchase a size 7 circular needle before the weekend. 

Not much knitting time until then.  Tonight is an office function, then drinks with a co-worker who is moving back to California.  Tomorrow, more soccer.  Thursday, a road race.  Friday?  Maybe some Netflix on the couch.  Oh yeah, and a trip to the yarn store to buy that size 7 circular needle.

Stay cool.


~ by Kat on July 26, 2005.

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