Yet another Soccer Saturday (and Sunday)

Anyone else detect a theme?  The Saturday team won (1 loss going into the playoffs) and this morning the Sunday team won the Division 1 championship 3-0.  I’m looking forward to my two games tomorrow.

One of the best things about playing soccer is the variety of people I meet.  Doctors, lawyers, the guy who drives the luggage truck at Logan.  Graphic artists, students,  a Red Sox video editor.  Guidance counselor, nurse, a TV meteorologist.  Actuary, web developer, and teachers.  Musicians, landscape architects, and insurance adjusters.  I’ve played with people from Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Senegal, Haiti, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Costa Rica, Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, France, India, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Holland and Germany.  Put 11 soccer players on a field, regardless of what language they speak, they’ll be able to play as a team and communicate with each other.  It really is the beautiful game.  P1010012

One of the  best things about soccer is the workout the Critter gets.  She LOVES meeting new people.  Especially new people who will throw the Frisbee for her.  Weekends can be sooo exhausting.  Here she is napping on the couch while I’m hanging with Miss Kiri.  Shortly after this she had some doggies dreams.  You know, the ones where her feet twitch and she makes those cute yelp/woof noises.  Too cute.

How about those Red Sox? A nice sweep of the Twins. I’m so glad Manny didn’t get traded.  Sure, sometimes he phones it in, but I appreciate his happy-go-lucky attitude.  Like other fans I was annoyed that he wanted to be traded.  Anyone else get chills at the ovation he got this afternoon?  How appropriate that he gets the game winning RBI.  P1010013_1

On the knitting front, I spent the afternoon with Miss Kiri.  She proved a bit difficult at first (I think she was annoyed at having been neglected all week) but after a fits and starts I charting everything out in Excel and we had a wonderful afternoon together.  Here she is hanging out with the laptop. Yes, I am one of those idiots who can’t read a lace chart.  Charting everything out in Excel has made a huge difference on my progress.  I highlight the row I am working on and knit happily along.

P1010018 This has nothing to do with soccer, the Red Sox or knitting, but my neighbors were having a cookout Sunday afternoon and the little ones were so cute.  They usually hoot and holler riding the Big Wheel down the walkway, but today I was serenaded with an impromptu percussion session.  I love my multi-cultural neighborhood.

Tomorrow- an update on my vacation knitting plans.


~ by Kat on July 31, 2005.

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