It’s all about the socks

P1010006 I’m heading out on vacation tomorrow.  A whole 10 days in the Garden State before returning to Boston to (finally) finish painting my condo.  Of course I wouldn’t be leaving home without Miss Kiri.  I don’t know how much progress we’ll make, since I can’t talk and knit lace at the same time.  I can talk and knit socks at the same time (as long as short rows aren’t involved), so I’m bringing plenty of sock yarn: 2 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill; 2 skeins of Jawool; 4 skeins of Artyarns Merino; and 1 skein of mystery pink and blue wool.  (I bought this at Circles over the winter to make a hat so I know the info is somewhere.)  Lastly, in case I get really bored or there is a severe cold spell, some Kid Silk Haze.  The two balls of Dewberry will be a Christmas scarf for my sister and the three balls of lovely chocolaty brown will be another Kiri.  Ambitious aren’t I?  Let’s hope they will let me on the grounds with DPNs.

There are two LYS’ near my parents house that I may have to visit for sock assistance.  (Repeat after me– I will stick to my yarn diet.  I will stick to my yarn diet.)  I am determined to figure out the heel flap/turning heel construction.  If someone could show me, I’d be all set.  In the meantime I’ll be going back to the toe-up, short row construction that I used on my first pair.

How about those thunderstorms last night?  I turned off all the lights and watched the lightning over the Arboretum and saw some amazing strikes.  Very cool.  One seemed to last forever.  It appeared to rise off of Peter’s Hill reaching up to the sky, flickering and wavering in a sinuous dance until it disappeared in a huge clap of thunder.  Of course, poor Java was cowering in the bedroom.  I love thunderstorms.


~ by Kat on August 2, 2005.

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  1. Enjoy your vacation, Kat!

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