What I did on my summer vacation

1.  Feel old.  I remember planting this tree when I was in first grade.  Old Scary

2.  Sweat and sleep.  The weather in NJ was hot and humid.  I was up early every morning and spent the day at the golf course.  12 hours later I was ready for bed. 

Fosocks 3A.  Knit socks.  I finished a pair of socks!  OK, so they are not a matching pair.  The one on the left is a top down Cherry Tree Hill ribbed sock.  On the right is the Running Wild anklet.  I think I prefer the top down method.  I cast on for the second Cherry Tree Hill sock last night. 

3B.  Knit Miss Kiri.  Due to the sweat and sleep factor in #2, very little was accomplished.  At the end of a hot day my brain was too fried to keep track of a lace pattern.

4.  Watch golf.  I didn’t become a golf fan until I went to the 1993 US Open at Baltusrol.  Being at the PGA was a ball.    Pgasocks

5.  Get up close and personal with Phil Mickelson.  Well, not really.  But I did get his autograph on my brother’s hat after his victory on Monday morning.  I was finishing up both socks while sitting in the grandstand on 18 Monday morning.  Due to PGA regulations, I couldn’t get a picture of the socks with Phil, so the socks with the autographed hat will have to do.   

The vacation isn’t over yet.  Should I drive to Hartford tonight for the US v. T&T World Cup qualifying match?  Should I take the ferry to P-town tomorrow for the Carnival?  Or should I stay home and finish painting my condo?


~ by Kat on August 17, 2005.

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  1. Socks look great! Do you like the Cherry Tree Hill yarn — I just bought a skein in solid purple. So, P-town or paint?

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