2 for 3

A few weeks ago, my Sunday soccer team won the Division 1 Championship.  Yay Team Boomerang!  This morning my Saturday team won the Division 1 Championship.  Yay Team Euphoria!  While I was away, my women’s team made it to the semi-finals of the Division 2 summer league.  I can’t take credit for any of the game results, I have my teammates to thank for that.

On the way back from the game this morning, I managed to stop by Creative Warehouse in Needham.  A warehouse it is.  Piles of yarn, shelves and display cases overflowing with patterns and books, lots of needles and buttons.  It was all a bit much to take in, but once I got over the sensory overload I found a few things to take home with me.  Some Brittany needles (I’ve been dying to try these), a few lace patterns, and some (more) Trekking sock yarn.

After Creative Warehouse, I hit Circles to pick up some yarn for a baby blanket.  It was great to catch up with Allison and I got 4 skeins of Cestari in a lovely lavender color for the blanket.  On size 9 needles this should work up quickly.  But first, I must finish the socks.


~ by Kat on August 20, 2005.

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