Surf’s Up

Would all of you creative designer types please stop posting all those cool, free patterns?  I mean really, how is a girl supposed to get any Christmas knitting done when new project ideas seem to pop up everyday?  Really.

Yes, in a further effort to delay finishing the socks, I’ve been pattern surfing.  Have you seen the latest?

  1. First up is Mia  from Karen.  Finally a shrug I really like.  Check out Grumperina’s version too.
  2. Speaking of Grumperina, with the cooler weather approaching, how about adding some sleeves to Tivoli?  Ahh, this might be the perfect fall knit.
  3. Next, how about those nifty scarf/tie/belts over at Alison’s.  A great way to try out a new yarn or use up some leftovers.
  4. Colleen posted a link to a Berroco knitting tote.  Very nice and who doesn’t need another knitting bag?
  5. Kepler, Kepler, Kepler.  I know, I’ve posted it before, but I really like it.

OK, enough for now.  I really have to get back to work and I MUST finish that sock tonight. 

Update!  Thanks to two conference calls this afternoon, the second sock is done.  I just have to kitchener the toe when I get home tonight.  If this sock obsession continues I’m going to have to get another Chibi to carry in my purse.


~ by Kat on August 25, 2005.

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  1. I totally agree — it’s hard to focus on MY WIPs with all those free, gorgeous possibilities out there 🙂

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