Boston Knit Out 2005

Knitout2005_link The date has been set for the Boston Knit Out, October 2, 2005. 

Have you designer types seen the info for the scarf contest?  If I get over my sock obsession, I may try and come up with something. 

On the charity knitting front, they are also collecting squares for afghans to be assembled at the Knit Out.

And one final notice, there will be a special blogger check in table.  I don’t know if I want to check in and get a special badge.  It would be great to meet other bloggers, after all we ‘kind of’ know each other since reading and writing blogs is a two way street.  I’m a bit frightened by the idea of meeting random non-bloggers, I don’t know anything about them.  Or, I’d realize that no one reads this little corner of the web. 

Kind of like that paranoid feeling you have when you’re hosting a party and you’re afraid no one will show up.


~ by Kat on August 28, 2005.

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  1. Thanks for putting a link to the event and mentioning it in your blog! I know there will be many fellow bloggers there for the meet-up — the word has really spread over the past month. Check out the website for the schedule and don’t miss Perri Klass’ keynote speech at noon!

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