Redcrossbutton When I was in college Hurricane Gloria came to pay a visit.  Classes were canceled so we all headed down to the packy.  This was Worcester, MA.  We were in our 20’s and invincible.

We taped our windows (I can still see the "Oh bother said Pooh" that someone taped in theirs), moved items away from the windows and stocked up on food from the cafeteria.  We then spent a grand day running around in shorts and t-shirts, sledding down the rain soaked hills getting covered in grass, throwing a frisbee just to see what would happen (it flew over the recreation center) and playing U2’s "Gloria" repeatedly on the stereo. 

The eye passing overhead was one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced.  Wind, water, mayhem, and noise gave way to blue skies, bright sunshine and birds.  Then the birds went silent just before the eye wall hit and the storm returned with a greater fury.

Having experienced a direct hit from a storm that was only a fraction of Katrina’s energy, I’m glad I’m not on the Gulf Coast.  When she makes it to New England, I probably won’t grumble about getting soaked while walking the dog, and our basement water issues are minor when compared to a city being under 6-10 feet of water.

The American Red Cross is launching the largest mobilization effort in their history to help those affected by the storm.  You can donate to the cause here

~ by Kat on August 29, 2005.

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  1. Where did you go to college? I also higher educated in Worcester, at Holy Cross. Aah, the good ole days of the packy 🙂

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