Sox and Socks

Trot Thank you Trot

Anyone else amused by the fact that the Yankees signed Bellhorn

On the sock front, I’m ready to start the heel flap P1010002_3on the second sock.  When I start the sock pal socks this weekend, I have to remember to start both socks at the same point in the colorway.  I like the funky stripey difference, but want to make these as perfect as I can for my sock pal.  It’s taken me 4 pairs to get to to the point where I’m  comfortable gifting socks.  In fact I’m so comfortable with socks, I think lots of family members will be getting them these Christmas.  Now I just need to figure out a way to stealthily measure everyone’s feet. 

On the cab ride home tonight, I saw a convoy of New England Power trucks building at the local gas station.  I got all teary.  I’m stunned by the reports of Katrina’s devastation.  And frustrated by the lack of information.  Once the information starts flowing I will be overwhelmed and saddened by the loss.  I’ve done what I can monetarily by donating to the Red Cross.  The schmoos and critters need help too.  Best Friends is an amazing organization, and is already on location helping out.  You can donate to their cause here

I wish I could do more.


~ by Kat on August 31, 2005.

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