Someday, I will watch the news and it won’t make me cry. 

The worst thing I’ve read all week, "Police Superintendent Eddie Compass said that two of his officers committed suicide, including one who had discovered his wife had died."  Details here.  Please, can someone help them?  I’ve signed up with Habitat for Humanity to help build homes.  The news makes me cry, there is no way I could handle going down there now, I have to take part in a constructive moment. 

With the 2,500 evacuess that Massachussetts is taking in, I’m hoping there will be a local opportunity to do something contructive.  I’m glad my state is taking part in the recovery effort, and I will be looking for a way to donate time (or maybe some knitted items as the weather gets cooler).

Not so much knitting this weeked.  Yet.  I’ve finished the Artyarns socks.  I had Nancy and Carter try them to check the fit (they’re both close to my sockpal’s size) and they both requested a pair.  I cast on for the sockpal socks, but got caught up in soccer and baseball games, so not Wcq_1much progress was made.  The Sox, well, it was ugly, but we’ll take it. 

  The US is going to the World Cup – baby!  Any other soccer geeks out there who appreciate the magnitude of  the win?  "Ste-vie Ral-ston!  Ste-vie Ral-ston!"  Yeah, baby, Stevie gets the game winning goal!  Bonus, the Revs won too on a great Khano Smith goal.  "Rev-O-lu-shun!"

A full sock update/summary tomorrow.


~ by Kat on September 4, 2005.

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