Summer Sock Saga

Summersocks Or, what I did on my summer vacation. 

A few months ago, I was terrified of knitting socks.  All those curves intimidated me.  Well, if you know me, you’d know that I don’t like being intimidated.  So, I faced my fear head on and signed up for Sock-a-pal-2za.  The knitting has been fun.

For my first pair (upper left), I started off with a toe up pattern downloaded from Elann (I think).  The figure 8 cast on was a bit tricky and I wasn’t happy with the short row heel, but I finished them.  These were made with Lamb’s Pride Wildfoote.  They are a bit loose on me, but are comfy slipper socks to wear around the house.  Yes, even in the heat of this Boston summer, my feet get cold.

The second pair (upper right) are top down using Cherry Tree Hill Supersock and their Potluck Super Sock pattern.  These are much better.  I like the heel construction, it’s much neater than my short rows and I’m really happy with the kitchenered toe.  Nice and neat and tight, unlike my pathetic figure 8 cast on in the first pair.  The Supersock was lovely to work with.  I’ll probably go down to a size 2 the next time (I’m a real tight knitter).

The third pair (lower left) is suffering from second sock syndrome.  It is also a toe up pattern from Elann, using a cable cast on, much tighter than the figure 8 and a short row heel.  I will finish these.  I hate the thought of a sock orphan.  I used Running Wild yarn and size 1 needles.  I’ll go down a needle size if I use this yarn again for socks again, the fabric is rather thin.

The fourth pair (lower right) is the Potluck Super Sock pattern using Artyarns Supermerino from my stash and size 3 needles.  I used a contrasting color for the heel and toe since I wasn’t sure how far the 104 yards would go.  This is my winning sock combination.  I love these.  My feet are very happy wearing them, so warm and soft and comfy.  I can hardly wait for the cold weather to get here. 

The official Sockapal2za socks are  using a similar colorway and the contrasting heel/toe.   The first sock has that cool spiral going on, I hope it’s easy to duplicate it on the second.

Anyone else think that socks look funny when they aren’t on your feet?


~ by Kat on September 7, 2005.

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