Gag me with a spoon

Please, before I go off on a rant about this Administration.  I knew Brown’s qualifications were slim.  We were talking about it over at an anonymous lawyer’s board that I post on.  Why am I surprised that he padded his resume

Given the current state of the world and the fact that the US is a constant target for another terrorist attack, I would have thought that the Administration, any Administration, would have appointed individuals with appropriate experience to specialized agencies.  FEMA is a specialized agency.  They are called upon only when the shit has hit the fan somewhere.  You would expect that the people who work there, are able to function and operate efficiently in those situations.  That they would understand logistics and the importance of cooperation and communication and be able to identify what the essential needs of survival are at any given time.  In a crisis priorities change.  Quickly.  You don’t sit around and tell everyone to wait (like they did to the Red Cross). 

According to a Washington Post article cited by the Boston Globe, "The Washington Post reported that five of the top eight FEMA officials had little experience in handling disasters and owed their jobs to their political ties to Bush.  As political operatives took the top jobs, professionals and experts in hurricanes and disasters left the agency, the newspaper said."  Has anyone seen the Time magazine article? 

OK, back to mundane knitting and Boston sports related content…

I got home last night in time to catch the tail end of all the fuss at Gillette Stadium.  Has the NFL’s marketing department lost their mind?  Are they all former interns from MTV?  The 15 minutes that I saw was comical.  And does anyone know when Ozzy Osbourne became an animitronic doll?  He looked like Chuckie.  The camera was never on him for more than a few seconds, and you could still tell his lip syncing was bad. 

No, I didn’t watch the game.  I’m not a Pats fan.  I am a Bill Belichek fan, have been since he was with the Giants, but I can’t bring myself to watch the Pats.  Too much fluff and hype surrounding the nitty gritty football every week.

Sockapal2za sock #2 continues.  I’m almost at the heel flap.  I’ll working on it tonight during the Sox game and the US Open tennis.  Goal is to finish it by Saturday night so I can get to work on clearing out my storage unit and doing the seasonal clothes swap on Sunday.  Wish me luck.

The Times-Picayune is reporting that FEMA Cheif Michael Brown has been relieved of his duties.  Yay!!


~ by Kat on September 9, 2005.

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  1. Not only did he pad his resume, but obviously no one bothered to check. A head of a huge federal agency, and no one bothers to do a background check! Why am I not surprised? At this point nothing that this “Administration” does surprises me.

  2. One would think that the head of FEMA should be qualified . . .

  3. Ha! One would think. Seems there’s not a whole lot of thinking going on in this presidentiary. Do you think they’ll let him retire (as he was planning to do after hurricane season was over) or can his ass?

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