I can’t help myself. 

I can’t stop knitting socks with Artyarns Supermerino.  Within minutes of taking the Sockpal socks out of their bath, I threw caution to the wind and cast on for a toe up sock.  Yup, little ole me, who is afraid to make major modifications to a pattern, who up until June 2005 was afraid of knitting a sock, has almost finished the foot with absolutely no idea of what comes next.  I’m OK with that.

Anatomy-wise I know what comes next, I’m just not sure how to construct the heel.  Here’s how I arrived at the current predicament:

  1. Must make socks using Artyarns Supermerino.
  2. Want to knit them toe up, so I can use up all the yarn and I don’t have to use a contrasting yarn for toe/heel (no ends to weave in!!).
  3. Loved the way Grumperina’s turned out, so copy her k4, sl1 stitch pattern.
  4. Cast on, divide stitches, increase, knit happily away, …lah, lah, lah,… isn’t that pretty?…lah, lah, lah…
  5. Um, the heel is getting close – …lah, lah, lah,… isn’t that pretty?…lah, lah, lah…
  6. Ok, really, the foot is long enough now –  …lah, lah, lah,… isn’t that pretty?…lah, lah, lah…
  7. STOP!!  Break out the books and patterns!  You must figure out the heel construction!  (silly knitting girl)

Here’s my dilemma, like someone else, I prefer heel flaps to short rows.  They’re neater and easier for me to do.  However, all of the toe up patterns I have call for short row heels.  Off to google and knitting books I go. 

I never thought I would be researching heel construction techniques for toe up sock knitting.  I never thought I would be designing (and I use the term very loosely) a knitting pattern, much less a sock pattern. 

I’ve been knitting on and off for 25 years and something has finally clicked in my knitting brain. I’m finding inspiration for pattern ideas everywhere I look.   Sweaters, vests, socks… ideas and inspiration are everywhere!  Sockheel

If only my job would cooperate and stop infringing on my knitting time.  <sigh> Back to work, I’ll google sock heel construction techniques later.  Yeah, later.

Since many have asked, the Wing It sock yarn is Artyarns Supermerino in color 104. 

Isn’t it pretty? (lah, lah, lah…)


~ by Kat on September 14, 2005.

4 Responses to “Crack”

  1. I love the colors. I’ve only done one short-row heel, so I can’t help, but you’ll figure it out soon enough. 🙂

  2. Where are you buying this yarn in/around Boston. Must.have.some!

  3. You can find Artyarns Supermerino at Windsor Button in Downtown Crossing and Circles in JP.

  4. I’ve been out of the loop for awhile, but just had a grand time catching up with your blog! I swore I wouldn’t start (yet) another sock, but after seeing this view of your sock, I think I’m going to need to rethink that plan. It looks like you’re knitting 12 stitches on 4 needles – what size are you using? (I’m usually a 56 stitches on size 2’s, but I’m ready to think outside my sock-box.) I have some supermerino that is waiting (patiently?) for a turn on the needles…looks like a k4s1 sock is in my future.

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