I feel naked

I left the house without my knitting this morning.  I do have a couple of books with me, so I can read about knitting.  I hope I make it through the day.  I have an urge to run up to Windsor Button to buy needles and yarn.  Must.  Resist.

Guess what this weekend is?  The South End Open Studios.  Yay!  They always have a wide variety of art, some good, some bad, but all of it interesting.  If you only have a short time to explore, check out the the group show at the Boston Center for the Arts on Tremont or the South End Open Market on Harrison Ave.  A good time will be had by all.

Java and I missed the MSPCA dogwalk again this year so we’re going to try and go to the 8th Annual Dog Walk at Forest Hills Cemetery.  It’s on Saturday, October 1st at 10:00am.  This tour is lead by historian Dee Morris, who shares stories about the treasured pets and working animals of 19th century Boston.  $10 per human and reservations are recommended.  Java hopes to see you there.

Angel:   Must not go to Windsor Button to buy needle and yarn.
Devil:    But they have Artyarns Supermerino!
Angel:   I have some at home.
Devil:    True, but it’s at home and you feel naked without your knitting.  Go get some, you know you want to.
Angel:   (with fingers in her ears) Lah, Lah, Lah, I can’t hear you!


~ by Kat on September 16, 2005.

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  1. How I do a toe-up heel-flap heel: K toe-up, increasing a smidge now and again for the increasingly larger foot. When I get to the ankle-bone, I start the heel flap as usual. And do that weird decrease thing. And pick up the stitches along the side. THEN, I decrease every OTHER row, so that the triangle is vertical, if you see what I mean. Then I knit the leg, increasing a bit as I go for my shapely (!) calves.

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