Sleepy Schmoo

Sleepy It’s been a busy weekend.  Just look at how tired Java is.  Such a sweet sleepy puppy.    Yesterday we did lots of errands.  Java was welcome at most of the stops so she had a great time saying hello to everyone.  Today was soccer (fetch) and swimming.  All that activity makes for one tired pup.  Lots of doggie dreams this afternoon with the paw twitching and high pitched woofs.  So cute.    Modesittvogue

The best part of the weekend?  Stopping off at Circles on Saturday afternoon, hanging out with Alison and playing with the Lorna’s Laces color cards.  Alison is putting together a Knit-Along for the Annie Modesitt shrug/jacket from the current issue of Vogue Knitting.  We had a blast playing with all the different color combinations. I’m leaning towards the three C’s,

The Lorna’s Laces yarn order will be placed at the end of September, so knitting should commence before Thanksgiving.  The best part, yarn orders placed through Circles get a discount.  Stop by the shop or call for details. 

Now, back to my sock.

~ by Kat on September 18, 2005.

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  1. Your new blog design looks great!

  2. Thank you Thank you for my lovely and SOFT socks! Oh no, now there is a little devil on my shoulder telling me to go buy some of that yarn! I wish everyone could feel how soft they are. I’ve posted a pic of them on my blog. They are the perfect length by the way, just long enough to roll up the cuff which is how I like them.

    My feet thank you and are now awaiting a chilly day so they can really enjoy them.

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