I know what I’m doing after the Holidays

I wish I could knit like Wendy

My sister is getting married next September.  I have offered to knit her a lace shrug/shawl for the big day.  What was I thinking?  Me, who couldn’t even get the first four rows right on a Feather & Fan/Trellis Leaf 61 stitch scarf.  Oh well, I’m looking forward to the challenge.  I’ve been eyeballing the Fiddlesticks patterns but couldn’t justify spending that much on a pattern that I ‘might’ make some day.  Now I can.

<sigh> I guess I’m going to have to learn how to read a chart.


Wow!  Look at this.  Annie’s original version here.    Don’t you think a sleeved version Dress1would look lovely with this dress?  It’s the current frontrunner in the ongoing trying-on-of-dresses saga.

<sigh>  I wish I could knit like Claudia too. 


~ by Kat on September 23, 2005.

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  1. Chart reading: way, way, WAY easy. Need a quick tutorial? Let me know and we can go for a KIP at Java Jo’s.

  2. We ALL wish we could knit like Wendy;-)

  3. CHart reading, as Colleen says, is a strightforward thing once you grasp the basics. It’s one line at a time, one square at a time, just like your knitting is. I know you can do it. Candace eisner Strick has a really freindly, simple shawl pattern with a very sweet ruffly bind-off you could do even without reading a chart. here’s the link:

  4. Congrats on your sister getting married! I am sure you will do fine reading a chart, it just takes a little more time at first.. but then you get the hang of it!

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