Sunday, September 25th

It was a very busy day.  First up, Hub on Wheels.

5:45 am – Wake up, get dressed and walk dog

6:30 am – Head out on bikes to find coffeeP1010036_1

7:00 am – snap photo of early morning golfers at Franklin Park

7:15 am – wonder where S & K are.

7:45 am – head out on 25 mile bike through Mattapan, Dorchester, South Boston, South End, Roxbury and Jamaica Plain.

7:47 am – find S and K

7:48 – 11-ish see the sights:

P1010041 P1010042 P1010044_1 P1010056 P1010075

Best part of the ride?  Amy Finn (?) "rocking out" on the South Boston waterfront.  P1010063 Lounge  style karaoke is not something you expect to come upon on the South Boston waterfront during a 25 mile bike ride at 9:00 in the morning.  She was great. 

The bike festival was just getting started when we arrived back at Franklin Park, but we stayed just long enough to (finally) find some coffee and this:  P1010086 I wasn’t expecting to find fiber at this event.  After brunch at Doyle’s everyone got an early start for home.

I will definitely be doing this again next year.  The ride was well organized and entertaining.  They sent each group of riders out with a marshal and who provided some interesting commentary.  I got to see parts of Boston I had never seen, discovered new areas to ride (there’s a bike trail along the Mattapan Trolley line – who knew?), and there was Amy Finn.  Who could forget Amy Finn?  She rocks!

Only drawback – I was too tired to knit.  Taking the nephew to the zoo that afternoon didn’t help, but boy did we have fun.  Here he is making a ‘snake face’ – P1010100



~ by Kat on September 27, 2005.

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  1. A bike festival? Who knew?! Love all the pictures 🙂

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