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Kiwi Being relatively new to blogland, I am still obsessed with the Stats and Referrers tab in Typepad.  I’m amazed that people are actually reading what I post.  I’m even more amazed that there are bloglines subscribers.  I’m totally freaked out by the fact that I’ve gotten a ton of hits this week from a Google.nz image search for tight + p*nties (replace the * with an a).  Time to change some file names.

Work has kept me extremely busy this week, the week has flown by and not much has been accomplished.  That includes knitting.  Last week, I was working on a sock yarn mitten while at the conference.  Just a few more rows to go before the top shaping and then I just have to finish the thumb.  It won’t take long. 

As usual, rather than finish it, I’ve started something else.  I’m beginning to panic about my lack of FOs for the upcoming gwfgwf* season so I cast on for a simple mistake rib scarf using Zara yarn in a lovely celadon color.  I’m about half way through.  This will be for my sister.  Other projects on the to be completed list:  a matching scarf for her fiance (in gray, not celadon); socks for my Mom; a scarf for my Dad; socks for my youngest brother (I’m re-thinking this since his feet are HUGE); a Clappy for my SIL; and a hat for my other brother.  Oh yeah, and felted jacket for my nephew.  I bought the yarn for this project last year and have yet to cast on a stitch.  Can you say "procrastinate"?  I’m sure there will be other hats, scarves, socks  With a rainy three day weekend coming up, I hope to make good progress on the smaller projects.  That is if I don’t get sidetracked with setting up my new laptop. 

Look for a picture filled post later this weekend.  In addition to the gwfgwf knitting AND setting up the new laptop AND writing an article for work AND going to the Red Sox game tomorrow AND going to an Oktoberfest outing tomorrow night AND cleaning the bathroom AND playing soccer AND hitting the Topsfield Fair, I hope to attack, document and organize the ‘yarn corner’ in the living room this weekend. 

Then again, maybe I’ll just sleep all weekend.

*What’s a gwfgwf?  A gwfgwf is a "generic winter festive gathering with food", before knitting blogs took up all of my internets free time I used to hang out on an anonymous chat board with a bunch of lawyers.  One year, in an attempt to be PC, they dubbed the holiday season gwfgwf.


~ by Kat on October 6, 2005.

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  1. You sound almost insanely busy. But perhaps in a good way. I like ‘gwfgwf’ alot. 🙂

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