We just had a three day weekend.  Due to the rain there were no soccer games and Java walks were relatively short.  So, why am I sooo tired today? 

On the train to work on Friday, I saw a new subway knitter.  I was too far away to take a picture or to tell what she was working on, but it made me smile to see another KIPper.  Slowly, very slowly, we are taking over public transportation. 

Since the Zara gwfgwf scarf is getting a bit long for the Orange Line (especially with floors and seats wet and dirty from the rain), I cast on last night for a matching hat, using the Flat Top Hat pattern by Iris Schreier.  It’s not listed on the Artyarns website, but you can see a picture of a completed one on their gallery page.  I bought the pattern on my trip to the yarn store in NJ but it is also available in her new book Modular Knits.  I cast on using Zara, which is a completely different weight and gauge than the Supermerino.  I’m about 3" into the brim and don’t like it at all.  The fabric is a bit thin for a hat and Zara does not look good in garter stitch at this gauge.  Despite the rain, we’ll be taking a dip in Frog Pond tonight.  Good thing I’ve got a Sudoku puzzle to occupy me on the train home. 

I also cast on for another gwfgwf scarf using the gray Zara.  This yarn started out as the Irish Hiking Scarf, took a dip in the Frog Pond and auditioned for the roll of a k1, sl1 knit in the round scarf, took another dip in the Frog Pond and is emerging as a k6, p6 checkerboard scarf.  Much better.  I like the look and feel of the fabric.  It’s a bit thin, but will wrap and drape nicely and is a nice, masculine reversible fabric.  I have a thing about scarves, they can’t have a ‘wrong side’.  BTW – the Zara has held up very well to the repeated froggings.

Poking around the blogs these days it seems everyone is abuzz about Rhinebeck.  I’ve never made it to a S&W festival.  Heck, I barely make it to my LYS for a social circle, but this is something I could get excited about next year, a Wool Arts Tour.  A nice leisurely road trip around New England during peeper season.  I’ll be looking for this next fall.  I read about it over at seedstitch.  Check it out, she’s got great photos of fiber AND puppies.  Awww, puppies.


~ by Kat on October 11, 2005.

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  1. I haven’t seen a subway knitter in WEEKS. I hear reports of your KIPper, and (gasp!) a male subway knitter. I gotta track him down.

  2. This rain is starting to get to me… I am missing my running outside. Looks like you have been busy! Have a good rest of your week 🙂

  3. There is a fiber arts tour in Western Mass later this month -you can check it out at uwww.fibertwist.com.

  4. I hear ya about the scarf… can’t have a wrong side. Must be reversible. It would be like wearing your clothes inside out or something. I’m that way about it.

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