Yarn Confessions

If only I knit it as fast as I buy it. 

Since I got out of work early at the normal time on Tuesday, I thought I’d reward myself with a trip to Circles on the way home and pick up some bright orange yarn that I spotted on an earlier visit.  Karabella_orange_1 My youngest brother is color blind and orange is his favorite color.  This Karabella Aurora 8 is about as orange as you can get and is destined to become yet another gwfgwf scarf.  Allison and I spent some time browsing for manly scarf inspiration but didn’t find much in the way of patterns, they all seemed so girly. 

The mistake rib or checkerboard would work, but I can’t stand the thought of doing either one for another 3+ feet.  No sense in being bored with the project before it starts.

While we didn’t find any ready made patterns, I found inspiration in Mary Thomas’s Book of Knitting Patterns.  I love this book.  Stitch patterns, pictures, diagrams, why hasn’t anyone told me how cool stitch pattern books are?  I wish I didn’t have the Fiber Twist and a gazillion soccer games this weekend, I would love to sit down with this book, some needles and yarn and play.

Carlisle_brook In addition to the Aurora, I also picked up a skein of Carlisle Brook.  Oh, oh, oh, this is lovely stuff.  The color is amazing!  My digital camera does not do it justice.  It’s a wonderful heathered blue/gray.  Perfect for my very color conservative dad. 

If you’re heading to Circles, check out this yarn.  I want to go back and buy it all in the brown, dark green, maroon, red, light green,… you get the picture.  I’m sharing this info in the hope that some other knitter will fall in love with this yarn and buy it so that the temptation to add it to my stash will be removed.

Scrapswap There is one final yarn acquisition to share with you.  I got my Sock Scrap Swap yarn today from Allison.  That’s Fortissima in the middle, two Regia colorways on either side and some Knit Picks Sock Memories on top.  All are new to me.  Even more inspiration for me to finish up all the gwfgwf knitting so I can play with these.  Thanks Allison!  And thanks to Katie for organizing.  I’ll gladly participate in another scrap swap.  Anyone up for a scrap swap after the holidays?

G_dye_skirCongratulations to the White Sox.  Red Sox Nation can appreciate your long wait for the prize.  Enjoy.  Those final two outs by Uribe were amazing.  I’ve got nothing against Houston, but I am glad that the Rocket does not get another ring. 


~ by Kat on October 27, 2005.

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  1. Hi Kat, Nice Yarn!! So, do you think there is a Yarnaholics Anonymous out there? I think I should be a member. I was admiring your Lorna’s Laces and wanted to ask if you have knit with it before? If so, which needles did you use? The colors are gorgeous. I’m new to sock knitting(on my second pair)and there are so many options for yarn, any recommendations? Ahhh, so much yarn so little time.
    Your Secret Pal
    ps. keep an eye out for a special package

  2. Yeah, if I could only knit it as fast as I can spin it. It’s amazing how it piles up, isn’t it?
    Love that orange….perfect for being seen during hunting season up here (which starts on Monday).

  3. Hooray! I’m so glad you like the sock yarn – good luck with your next projects 🙂

  4. I’m game for another scrap yarn swap! I’m looking forward to your thoughts on those sock yarns because a few of them are ones I’ve yet to try.

    I’m currently knitting a “my so called scarf” scarf and it’s a fun knit that seems to be going fast, and doesn’t take as much “work” as a rib does. It has a distinct right and wrong side, but that doesn’t bother me very much. (The pattern is on Stacey’s “Sheep In The City” page – I googled it on her page.) My only wish is that I could successfully work on it without looking at it every few stitches…

  5. What pretty yarn! I wish I could knit half as fast as I buy yarn…. it would be a miracle wouldn’t it?! I say yay for the White Soxs too 🙂

  6. Ooh, pretty. I’ve been into orange recently.

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