Black and White

I like old movies.  I love old black and white movies. 

Alfred I’ve always enjoyed Alfred Hitchcock movies, so I’m loving TCM this week.  Last night I really enjoyed Blackmail.   Brilliant movie.  One of the first British talkies, the first part of the movie really sets the tone in the silent film format.  Amazing how much information can be conveyed with images.  The dialog doesn’t occur until the movie is pretty far along.  I’ve tried watching silent movies before, but they bore me.  This one didn’t.

Tonight’s favorite is the 1934 version of The Man Who Knew Too Much?  (TCM showed both versions back to back.)  Wanna know why?  Because knitting plays a prominent role.  Just before the secret agent is shot, Jill’s husband takes her knitting (she brought it to dinner – how cool is that?) and ties one end to the secret agent’s jacket.  Hilarity ensues as the scarf is frogged and the dance floor is entangled in yarn.  For those who care, the 1934 version is very different from the 1956 version with Jimmy Stewart. 

No pictures of the gwfgwf scarf or felted jacket – just imagine each piece a bit longer than when you previously saw them.  Keep your fingers crossed for a FO on Monday!  To spur on more gwfgwf knitting, I’ve signed up for the Fuzzy Feet KAL.  This would be the first KAL where I actually knit along.  Yes, Fuzzy Feet are on my gwfgwf knitting list.

P.S.  It’s "spring ahead, fall back" weekend.  Don’t forget to change your clocks and smoke alarm batteries on Saturday night!


~ by Kat on October 28, 2005.

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