Fuzzy Feet

Hobbit Not these.  These.  Gromit is hosting a knit-a-long here

These were already on the gwfgwf* knitting list and I’ve got plenty of Lamb’s Pride, Lopi and Lopi Light in the stash, so tomorrow night I’ll be taking a break from the boring scarf and felted jacket knitting <yawn> to whip out a fuzzy foot or two and watch the Revolution game.  Appropriate, no?  Soccer (Football to the rest of the world)  and foot related knitting?

The checkerboard scarf is coming to Fiber Twist tomorrow.  I may get some work done on it during some of the demonstrations at the Greenfield Grange (needle felting anyone?).  I’ll be starting the third ball of Zara tonight, yay!  I am soo looking forward to this being done.  I really like the end result but it is dull, dull, dull knitting.  Question of the day is ‘will Kat make it back in time to play soccer at 3:40?’  I’m hoping for another rainout as my team is giving me much good natured grief for missing the double-header tomorrow.

Sunday’s post-soccer activity is the Lantern Parade.  The lanterns look so pretty bobbing around Jamaica Pond.  Along the pathway are various music events (drumming, songs, etc.) and very cool, giant puppets.  Some of the kids come dressed in their Halloween costumes.  It’s a great community event.  Show up early and make your own lantern or you can purchase one for small donation to Spontaneous Celebrations.  If you go, I’ll be the one with the lantern and black dog, stop and say Hi.  😉

*gwfgwf – generic winter festive gathering with food


~ by Kat on October 28, 2005.

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