320 miles of fun

320miles How to summarize my weekend in one sentence?  320 miles of fun.

Saturday morning I filled up the gas tank, got my large hot chocolate and headed west on Route 2 for the Franklin County Fiber Twist.  I brought among the good camera and had a blast.  The sun was out, the Grange_1foliage was lovely, and I was singing along with the tunes on my iPod.  Solo road trips are good for that.

Route 2 has always been one of my favorite driving roads.  It’s so pretty and it only gets better the farther west you go.  I made good time to Greenfield and hit the Grange first.  I missed Fleece the needle felting demonstration but did pick up two bags of dyed fleece for needle felting (for when I get around to googling it) and thrums.  I see some colorful thrummed mittens in my future.  After that it was off to the farms…Loom_1

First – Bedfellows Blankets in Buckland where they have a very cool mechanical loom.  I could have spent hours photographing that loom.  Such cool shapes and patterns (and I’m not talking about the fabric).   

Tregellys_1 Second – Tregellys in Hawley.  Wow!  You drive and drive and the lanes get narrower and narrower and then you come up the hill to the view that takes your breath away.  Stunning.  I want to live there.  They’ve got lots of cute critters.  Sheep, alpaca, camels, goats, pigs, ducks, peacocks and even some yaks.

Third – Keldaby which is tucked away in a corner of Colrain.  Very nice.  They had  flocThingamijig_12k of goats and two guard Llamas who were very protective. You could walk up to the field where the critters were pastured, but they weren’t to keen on visitors.  I did get a really cute shot of the goats as they were scurrying down to the farmyard for their supper. 

Foxfire_1 Fourth and final farm was Fox Fire in Shelburne.  This is where I finally broke down and bought some yarn.  Looking at all the beautiful batts they had, I wish I knew how to spin.  Sooo soft and sooo  pretty.  Spinning will have to wait.  I’ve got to knit my way through four bins, one giant canvas bag, and one big basket of  sock yarn first.

Final stop was the People’s Pub (more on that later). 

Throughout the day I took tons of pictures.  Once they are all loaded to Shutterfly I’ll post the link.  I highly recommend this event next year, it was a great way to spend a fall Saturday. 

To top off the day the Revolution came back from two goals down to advance to the next round of the playoffs.  Yay Revs!  Of course, in typical Revs fashion they wait until the end of the game to score their goals. 

Lantern1 Sunday was soccer day followed by the Lantern Parade.  K and I sat on a bench with the dogs and watched the world go by as we got caught up with each other.  The weather was great, the dogs happy to greet people as they passedLantern2 by and of course, more camera fun was had.  Long exposures with lights are cool.  Reminds of the summer I spent at photo camp where we would paint pictures over long exposures with sparklers.

Details and more photos to come.   


~ by Kat on October 30, 2005.

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