Let’s do the Twist (again)

No trick or treating for me, but some of my soccer teammates wore ‘costumes’ Halooween_staches005_1at our game. After the silliness, sugar highs, and ‘staches wore off we managed to come back from 3 goals down at halftime down to win by 2.  Way to go guys and gals!

P1010008_1 Here’s birthday girl Java posing with my yarn purchases from Fiber Twist.  All from Fox Fire.  On the right  we have two skeins of lovely chocolate brown wool (470 yards, mini-shawl, luxurious scarf?), in the middle one skein of "Amy" (Border Leicester with tussah silk and cashmere).  Oh, this is sooo lovely.  It’s my first cashmere so I must find something special for it.  On the left is hand painted Border Leicester/Kid Mohair in the Northwood colorway.  The photo does not do the richness of these greens justice.  My SIL will love the colorway.  With only 240 yards the question is what to do with it?  Anyone have a reversible scarf pattern for variegated yarn?

I made it four of the six farms.  Next year I’ll focus on hitting the two that I missed and Deerfield Village along with the Grange and Tregellys (the view alone is worth the drive). 

After all the picture taking and fiber fondling, I met up with Cate, Amysue, and Dena at the People’s Pint.  Amysue’s friend Mary also joined in the fun.  Mary has the most amazing purse ever.  P1010001_3 It’s an armadillo!  Cool, no?  After Mary wins a gazillion dollars on the game show, don’t you think she should import these for sale in the US?  But I digress.  After a day of solo driving and out of tune singing along with the iPod, it was great to sit down and connect with people and let the conversation flow.

Thanks ladies, after such a warm welcome and interesting conversation, I certainly won’t be so shy to introduce myself to fellow bloggers in the future.


~ by Kat on November 1, 2005.

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  1. Sounds like you had the perfect weekend. And Happy Birthday to Java!

  2. I’m sorry I forgot your name when I blogged yesterday…I promise to never do that again (I am horrible with names though). I can’t believe you made it to 4 farms! I had trouble finding one. Next time I will be a little better organized (for instance I’ll have a real map and not rely on Mapquest).

    I’ll tell Mary that we all need armadillo bags.

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