No knitting to report, other than a few rows on the checkerboard scarf in the cab on the way home.  I got out of work early and made it home by 9.  After quick trips to the market and beer store, a walk with Java and a phone call home.  I sat down in my PJs and actually ate dinner.  Then I went blog surfing and found a cool new toy courtesy of KerstinFrappr.  Cool, huh? 

So if you wouldn’t mind, sign in and let me know where you are.  Yes, that includes all you "tight p*ntie" picture people too.  Don’t forget to go sign in with Kerstin too.

Knitting content will continue tomorrow.  I am closer to a pattern for my brother’s gwfgwf scarf, a double-sided cable with a seed stitch border.


~ by Kat on November 3, 2005.

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