Cookies and Milk?

Cookie I’ve always had a hard time sleeping in hotel rooms but, the chocolate chip cookie aroma early this morning was not helping.  I do love hotel rooms where you can open the windows to let life in.

I made excellent progress on my brother’s scarf yesterday.  Between the doctor’s appointment (nothing like knitting a bright orange scarf to make you forget that draft up your back) and the train ride, I’ve joined and almost finished the third ball of Aurora8.  You don’t need to fry your retinas with another photo do you?  Today’s plan is to work on the felted jacket for my nephew.  I’d love to finish that up so I can felt it this weekend.  Hmmmm, I wonder where I can find the metal frog closures in northern New Jersey?  Darn, sounds like I need to check out some of the LYSs near my parents house next week.

My Mom and I picked up the World’s Cutest Nephew from day care yesterday.  He was so excited to see me, I got a ‘happy dance’ greeting.  Awwww. 


~ by Kat on November 16, 2005.

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  1. were you staying at a DoubleTree? I always wondered how they could keep cookies coming all day long….(if I’d caught up earlier in the day today I’d have mentioned that KnitHappens Online had koigu on sale, but seeing as how the sale ends at midnight (a minute or two from now…) I won’t mention it. 😉 )

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