Last week was a busy week.  Lots of knitting.  Lots of cooking.  Lots of hiking.  Lots of movie watching.  Lots of eating.  No pictures of the knitting (yet).  No pictures of the food or movies or eating.  Well, there is one of the eating but my sister would kill me if I posted it.  There are lots of pictures of the hiking.  In my hometown there is a reservation, and a few years ago we started the tradition of taking the pups here for a hike while the turkey cooked. 

During those tumultuous high school years I spent many hours in the reservation.  It was an Dsc_0001outlet for me.  I’d go there to explore and escape.  It’s odd sharing it now with my siblings and parents when it used to be (and still is an) the oasis from them*.  It is fun sharing it with my nephew.  I get to explore it all over again through his young eyes.  Here he is at the top of Watchung Mountain looking east towards NYC.  It was a “happy day”. 

We spent a lot of time together during the week, hiking, dancing in the kitchen, reading books and knitting.  The best part about knitting the felted jacket for my nephew?  I can work on it in front of him.  He may remember the color, but it is going to look sooo different when it’s done (and frankly, he’s not going to give a hoot about the finished product) so I was able to knit away during book reading sessions.  I’m nearing the elbow on the second sleeve.  You have to trust me.  The scary part?  It fits me.  I can’t wait to see how this felts/fulls.

On the movie front, I saw Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice.  Harry Potter was OK, but then again I am not a huge HP fan.  I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice, but kept comparing it to other versions I’ve seen.  I never did get to Capote or Walk the Line, maybe this weekend…

*I love them, but sometimes you just need to get away.  Know what I mean?


~ by Kat on November 29, 2005.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great visit. I totally understand the “needing to get away during family gatherings” thing…when visiting parents, they never seem to understand our attraction to taking a walk around suburbia.

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