Mystery Solved!!

Dsc_0013 Jenn rocks!  She solved the mystery of the oddly shaped organic object, yay!  It’s a hedge apple/horse apple/Osage Orange.  To keep the oddness factor going, I love the that it is known as both an apple and an orange.

Want to learn more about these funny looking fruits?  Then go here.

Since Jenn saved me from my fruitless (heh, heh) Google searching for the answer to the mystery I’ve been able to get some knitting done.  I managed another needle or two last night on the felted jacket, but I must confess that I’ve been distracted by pretty yarn.  Yarn with shiny bits in it.  Yes, I’ve succumbed to a novelty yarn.  The Artful Yarns Broadway to be exact.

I started a ruffle scarf last week once I realized I had to keep switching projects depending on who I was hanging out with.  I had three balls in my stash from two different dye lots.  I figured I sandwich the oddball between the other two and make a rilly big ruffle scarf.  That plan changed during the trip to New Haven. 

My brother wasn’t home from work yet, so Mom and I managed to get in a bit of shopping.  We went to one of those ubiquitous gift/craft stores that you find in the country suburbs.  You know the type of place – candles, cards, books, glassware, bags, etc.  Among their many fine offerings were some novelty scarves.  Of course I fondled and examined them.  Not much to the knitting, they are either garter or 2×2 rib, but they were interesting combos of yarns.  Maybe $30-50 worth of yarn, the price – $125 and up!  Thanks local New Haven novelty scarf knitter.  My Mom is now convinced that I should quit my job, knit scarves and sell them.  Ugh! 

Knitting is my hobby.  I do it to relax, to think, to meditate, to create.  gwfgwf knitting is stressful enough, there is no way I want to knit for ‘work’ (in the production sense) and hope someone buys what I create.  But I digress…  Those very expensive novelty scarves2scarves inspired me to mix my Artful Yarns Broadway with some Plymouth Alpaca.  Now I’ve got two scarves on the needles.  I’m just about the finish the first ball of the ruffle scarf.  It would be too depressing to count the stitches.  I cast on 100 worked a few rows in garter and then started alternating increase rows with knit rows.  I figure I can get 3 more rows out the the second ball before I start the bind off marathon (that’s the scarf on the outside).  The second scarf is a 2×2 buttonhole using the Artful Yarns held together with some Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande (scarf on the inside).  I’ll happily gift the ruffle scarf, but that buttonhole scarf is so soft and warm and pretty (I think it’s the shiny bits), it may never leave JP unless it’s wrapped around my neck. 

We’ll see…


~ by Kat on November 30, 2005.

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  1. Glad I could help! I think the scarf looks lovely – just that little extra sumpin’ sumpin’.

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