Soule Mama posted this link today.  This made the rounds via e-mail last year, but the images still crack me up.  I have an early childhood memory of being terrified of the department store Santa and screaming the whole time.  I’ve never seen the photographic evidence though.  (Must rummage through the photo boxes when I head to NJ in December.)

I met a friend for dinner tonight and the bar was light enough that I was able to finish the alpaca/shiny-bits scarf (except for the bind off) and complete another l-o-n-g row and part of the next increase row on the rilly big ruffle scarf.  Yay!  Progress on the gwfgwf front.  I’ll cast on for socks or fuzzy feet (I joined the KAL weeks ago it’s about time) later tonight for my next subway kipping project. 


~ by Kat on December 1, 2005.

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