Because it seems only fair that I share after reading all the other responses:

10 Things you might not know about me:

  1. I was a clown in the Orange Bowl Parade when I was 7.  Somewhere there is a picture of me in a bright orange and green satin clown suit with a fake dog leash prop.  The prop was my parent’s idea.
  2. I’ve heli-hiked on a glacier in the Cariboo Mountains of Canada.
  3. I’ve rafted the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  It was weird looking up all day.
  4. I spent three summers canoeing in the wilds of northern Maine. 
  5. I was on the inaugural women’s soccer teams in HS and college.  The only goals I ever scored in HS and college came against nationally ranked teams.  We won both games.
  6. I have tinnitus and have to sleep with the radio or TV on.
  7. I spent a week at "Photo Camp" and love working in a darkroom.
  8. I’m half Hungarian but can’t speak the language except to swear a little bit.
  9. My first memory is of sitting on my great-grandfather’s lap and being afraid of his arm.  He lost it in a quarry accident and the prosthetic was carved ebony with a leather glove
  10. I was happy when all my earthly posessions fit in my Rabbit convertible (with the top up).  I need to get back to those days.  Now, my stash alone would have a hard time fitting in the car.

9 Places I’ve visited:

  1. Kenya (I stood on the Equator – very cool when you’re 14)
  2. Stonehenge (up close and personal with the stones!)
  3. Maui
  4. Ireland
  5. Paris
  6. Bavaria
  7. Bermuda
  8. Canada
  9. Nantucket

8 Ways to win my heart

  1. Walk my dog
  2. Cook me dinner
  3. Take me away somewhere.  Anywhere.  Camping, hotel, B&B, just make all the arrangements so I don’t have to stress about it before we go.
  4. Hugs
  5. Help with the housework.
  6. Be a soccer fan
  7. Make me laugh
  8. Embrace my quirky family

7 Things I want to do before I die

  1. Win the lottery, so I could knock everything else off this list.
  2. Go to Graceland.  I don’t know why, I’m not even an Elvis fan.
  3. Visit all 50 states.  26 down, 24 to go.
  4. Visit all 7 continents. 3 down, 4 to go. 
  5. Take a trans-Atlantic cruise.  I want to lounge on a deck chair and look sophisticated like they do in old movies.
  6. Meet the man of my dreams.  He’s out there somewhere.  You-hoo – where are you?
  7. Buy a house.  With a porch for settin and knittin, and a sunny fenced yard for the critter, and a little garden for some herbs and vegetables, and a fiber room, and a really big plasma TV for watching old movies and sports.

6 Things I am afraid of

  1. Flying – it’s a necessary evil
  2. bugs with lotsa legs (house spiders are OK)
  3. Fire
  4. Going blind
  5. Being homeless
  6. Drowning

5 Things I don’t like

  1. Fish (as a food.  I like fish if they are swimming)
  2. Bigots
  3. Noisy eaters
  4. Passive/aggressive manipulators
  5. Liars

4 Ways to Turn me Off

  1. Chew gum
  2. Eat noisily (see above)
  3. Be dismissive or rude to people
  4. Blame someone else for your actions

3 Things I do every day

  1. Walk my dog
  2. Watch TV
  3. Read

2 Things that make me happy

  1. Walking my dog
  2. The sound of rain in the morning

1 Thing on my mind right now

  1. With all the work and shopping and social obligations and holiday related knitting to be done between now and Christmas, will I have any time to sleep?

OK back the knitting.  I hope to have two more FO’s before the weekend is over.  And in the tradition of the meme – I tag everyone who reads it!


~ by Kat on December 2, 2005.

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  1. You live in Boston, you have been to Kenya, and you’ve also spent time in Europe. Hey, give yourself more credit: that’s three continents!

  2. Fun to read, Kat!! Hope the holiday stuff isn’t overwhelming. Heli-hiking on a glacier — wow and wow!

  3. Wow, you really have traveled.. What great answers and I learned so much about you!

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