White Noise

Picture it, Sicily 1927…  sorry wrong TV show.  Anyway, I’m sitting in my hotel room knitting like a fiend last night.  Thanks to a late afternoon sandwich run to Au Bon Pain, I was able to hole up in my jammies and hand knit socks, settle in to the king-size bed and surround myself in yarn.  No getting sidetracked by dishes to wash, or laundry to do, or a Java-pup to play with*.  Since the iPod has just enough of a charge to get me through the train ride to NJ it was just me and the TV.  After surfing for a bit I settled on the Discovery Channel and their American Chopper marathon. 

I’m knitting away, surrounded by yarn and notions and half-finished projects.  Waffling between feeling good about making my holiday deadlines and wondering if I can afford to sleep at all in the next few days.  Then, I hear this, "If I had any more Christmas spirit in me, I’d be crapping out jingle bells".  Thanks for the laugh Mikey

Now, back to knitting (and maybe a short nap or two).

*Don’t get me wrong, I miss her terribly, but she is having a great time with her cousin Tucket at my parent’s house.


~ by Kat on December 20, 2005.

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  1. Seriously sounds like a wonderful time, all that peace and quiet. I love my family, my animals, my husband, but sometimes it’s nice just to be all by one’s lonesome.

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