Too cute

Wednesday night as I was shaping and sculpting the felted jacket for my nephew, my Mom shared this story,

Monday night my parents and sister and nephew went to the KofC Christmas party.  You know, a spaghetti supper in the church basement, chat with the neighbors kind of thing.  Very low key.  So everyone is hanging out chatting with the neighbors when Santa shows up!  My parents and sister didn’t know that there would be a Santa there so there was no hype, no buildup, he just walked in with a jolly "Ho-Ho-Ho."  My nephew, he starts shaking.  He’s wiggling and wriggling and squirming all over.  His eyes are as big as saucers.  He’s not scared, he’s in awe.  OfS anta.  He can’t believe that Santa is there.  In his church basement.  Checking up on the boys and girls and Moms and Dads and Grandmas and Grandads.   Wow!

Santa asked if he had been a good boy, the nephew nodded yes, and Santa handed over a little gift as an early reward.  Double wow!  After Santa leaves, the nephew is looking around.  Peaking out the door, checking out chair where Santa was sitting.  Wait, what’s this?  Uh, oh.  Santa left his bells behind.  Oh no.  Too late to catch Santa out the door (he tried).  The nephew asked if anyone knew how to call Santa.  He needs to return the bells the Santa (apparently they are Rudolph’s and he needs them for Christmas Eve).

After much discussion and consultation it was decided that the nephew would take the bells home and leave them next to the cookies with a note for Santa.  Awww.  We are now doing everything we can to avoid commercial Santas.  Santa will be leaving a thank you note.  Do you think a hoof print from Rudolph on the note would be too over the top?

Here are crappy before and after fulling photos (the light in the kitchen apparently does funny things to the auto-focus mode of my camera).

Before Here we have my Dad modeling the knitted sweater.  Even unblocked, it’s big on him.  Can you imagine how HUGE this would be if it was blocked?  No, of course I didn’t take any pre-fulling measurements.  I’m lazy like that.

Here we have the fulled sweater relaxing after a good towel roll and After sculpting session.  The adults in the room were relaxing with beer and wine.  I included a standard business envelope for scale.  Pretty cool huh?  It’s had several towel roll/sculpting sessions since Wednesday night.  I’m amazed at the amount of water it soaked up.  Depending on the weather, I may hang it outside tomorrow.  The clasps will get sewn in tomorrow or Sunday morning, depends on how the drying progresses and when I can get to the fabric store to pick up a needle and thread.

In other gwfgwf knitting, I finished my Dad’s scarf on the train ride home last night (Yay, for long commuter train rides!), re-bound off the scarf for my future BIL (my first attempt was too tight), wove in all remaining ends on various projects and cast on for my Mom’s fingerless gloves.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I may have to hide myself away in Starbucks (the northern NJ ‘burbs are sadly lacking in non-chain cafes) or the local library tomorrow to get everything finished but it looks like I’ll make it.  I’m sending good knitting vibes out to all who still have projects with deadlines on the needles.


~ by Kat on December 22, 2005.

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  1. I think a hoof print would be very cute!

  2. I give up. What did gwfgwf knitting mean ?
    Happy New Year !

  3. Generic Winter Festive Gathering With Food.

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