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Finally, I’m back in Beantown.  It’s good to be home.  Christmas with the fambly was nice.  It was actually Christmas with only part of the fambly.  My brother and his wife were off visiting her parents in Vermont so we get to have Christmas round two on Super Bowl weekend.  Yay – more yummy food!  For the first time, the nephew was into it this year and it was wonderful to experience some of that Christmas magic through him. 

Everyone was very appreciative of the hand knits.  All that time spent knitting After_1boring, repetitive, rectangular scarves was worth it.  Dad loved his seaman’s scarf (too bad I forgot to take a picture of it).  The felted jacket was a huge hit. I came close on the holiday knitting goals.  Brother’s hat – not done.  BAWK – not done.  Fingerless gloves – one completed.  Not bad considering the hat and BAWK were bonus gifts. 

I’m gonna start on next year’s gifts now.  My sister saw my Mom’s fingerless gloves in progress and gushed about them so I’ll start a set for her.  Maybe a set for Dad too, he thought they’d be great for dog-walking and fall yard work.  There’s one more deadline item on the list, a set of fingerless mitts for N.  I’ll start those tomorrow.  For now, I’m giving my arms and wrists a rest. 


~ by Kat on December 27, 2005.

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