Starting fresh

Nye The New Year’s celebrations were great fun (that’s the bonfire on the left).  Yummy food, good friends and interesting conversations.  The celebrations stretched over two days.  After dinner and the bonfire on NYE, we gathered Pilgrims2 again 12 hours later for the annual pilgrimage.  Nothing like a long walk in the winter air to clear the cobwebs.  Here’s the crew at the ‘Secret Pond’ on our way to the first station.  Java joined us for the first two legs, then I dropped her off at home for a big dinner and a long nap before heading back to the final stop for dinner.

gwfgwf knitting is not done.  Yet.  I managed to finish one of the fingerless mitts for N before dinner on NYE.  It’s was started during Sunday’s pilgrimage and I started the gusset shaping on the T this morning.  Theoretically, I could finish them tonight.  We’ll see.

Yesterday was a bust knitting wise.  I slept in and spent the late morning assembling a kitchen cabinet, then Java and I spent most of the afternoon wandering around Arnold Arboretum taking photos.  It was lovely.  After returning home and cooking up an early dinner of pork chops and onions (cooked in honey – yum!)  it was nap time.  After the nap, I had barely enough energy to drag myself off to bed.  Ahhh, it was so nice to be able to sleep like that.  It was a great way to start what is sure to be a very stressful and busy first quarter of the new year.  Let’s see how long my relaxed frame of mind lasts. 

I made it through today, one down.

~ by Kat on January 3, 2006.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful walk, is that a dog in the water I see? Cold swim!

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